1) New earrings:

"Color of the night" gold earrings

"Northern flowers" Gold earrings

"Turtles" earrings

Bottle "Lotos" with sapphire

"Winter`s sleep'' earrings

Stud earrings "Gatti" black

Earrings "Alatyr"

Stud earrings "Alatyr"

Stud earrings "Gatti" white


2) New crosses:

"Olga" female cross

"Alatyr" (women`s cross)


3) New engagement rings:

"Lotus" with sapphire

"Verona" gold ring


4) New wedding rings:

"Аlatyr" (man`s)

"Alatyr" (women`s)

"Gatti" (men`s)

"Gatti" (women`s)

Engagement Ring "Las Vegas"

Women's ring "Diana"


Let's answer all your questions with pleasure!

In line 52 more new models of jewelry which are already ready and are at a stage of a photo of a session addenda on the website and in the catalog.

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Administrator of Prytula Jewellery Group