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 User - an individual using software for viewing Internet content on the Internet and expressing a desire to place an order on the sites and
 Buyer - A user who placed an order on the website and, who made an advance payment for the order.
 Goods are Ukrainian-made jewelery produced at the Prytula Jewelery Group’s gold, silver, with or without precious or semi-precious stones inserts, having a sample and a company stamp in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, offered for sale in the Prytula Jewelery Group online store, catalogs  or on and
 Order - a Buyer’s request for the purchase, payment and delivery of a product selected on and sites or via contact phones with the Prytula Jewelery Group managers listed on the sites  and


 The seller sells the Goods through the sites and
 By ordering the Goods on the sites and, the User agrees to the terms of sale of the Goods (hereinafter referred to as the Terms of the sale of goods).
 In case of disagreement with this Agreement, the User must immediately cease using the service and leave the sites and
 These Terms of Sale will be posted on and are subject to change without prior notice to Site Users.

 This contract comes into force from the moment of prepayment and acceptance of the Order by the manager of the Prytula Jewelery Group.
 The provision of an email address (e-mail) by the User or the Buyer to the Seller is considered an expression of the consent of the User / Buyer to use it in order to inform about the status of the order, to carry out advertising and information campaigns containing information about discounts, upcoming and current promotions and other events of Prytula  Jewelery Group.


 Under this Agreement, the Seller provides the User with the opportunity to purchase the Products presented on the and sites or order the production of goods according to the individual wishes of customers.

 This Agreement applies to all types of Products and services presented on the sites and, while such offers are present.


 The Seller guarantees the production of the Goods presented on the sites and and its correspondences to all parameters stated to the client when placing the Buyer's order.

 Photos of the Goods, presented on the sites and, are made in special lighting conditions using special equipment, and may differ from the actual appearance of the Goods in the absence of special lighting and special equipment.

 To clarify information on a particular Product, the User must contact the manager of the Prytula Jewelery Group, whose contacts are listed on the websites and
 Updating information about the availability of goods on the sites and, as well as its characteristics is carried out automatically.

 The Buyer is solely responsible for providing incorrect information, resulting in the inability of the Seller to properly fulfill its obligations to the Buyer.

 After placing the Order on the sites and, the Buyer is provided with information about the expected date of delivery by sending an e-mail to the address specified by the Buyer at registration, or by phone.  The manager serving this Order specifies the details of the Order, coordinates the date of delivery.


 Delivery of goods is carried out by a VIP manager of the Prytula Jewelery Group, or a specialized courier company.

 The cost and delivery time of the ordered Products is calculated individually, based on its weight, region and method of delivery.  Shipping cost is included in the order price.

 Prytula Jewelery Group is not responsible for the violation of the delivery time by courier services.
 Upon delivery, the Order is handed directly to the Buyer or to a third party specified in the Order as a recipient (hereinafter referred to as the Buyer and the third party are referred to as the "Recipient").
 In order to avoid cases of fraud, as well as to fulfill their obligations, the courier is entitled to request a document proving the identity of the Recipient upon delivery.
 The Seller guarantees the confidentiality and protection of the personal data of the Recipient in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
 The Seller’s obligation to transfer the goods to the Buyer shall be deemed executed at the time the courier delivers the Goods to the Recipient or receives the Goods by the Recipient.


 The price of the Goods presented on the Prytula Jewelery Group is indicated in US dollars per item, which is a conventional unit and can be paid in any convenient currency for the client.
 The price of the Goods is indicated on the sites and

 The seller has the right to provide discounts on products and install a program of bonuses.
 The Buyer can pay for the Order by bank transfer of funds to the Seller’s bank account, by credit card.

Payment method The user can choose at the stage of ordering.


 The warranty periods for the Goods are determined by the manufacturers (manufacturers) and are calculated from the moment of the transfer of the Goods to the Buyer, unless a different procedure for calculating the warranty periods is established by the manufacturer (manufacturer).
 Exchange and return of goods is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
 Return, exchange of goods of inadequate quality is made in the manner and time established by legislation on consumer protection.


 The personal data of the User / Buyer will be processed and guaranteed to be kept according to the confidentiality of the Seller.
 When registering on and,
 The user provides the following information: Last name, first name, email address, City and country of residence / delivery.
 Providing your personal data when registering on and,
 The user agrees to their processing by the Seller, including in order to promote goods and services by the Seller.
 The Seller uses the personal data of the User / Buyer: to register the User on the site, fulfill its obligations to the User and the Buyer, evaluate and analyze the operation of the site.

 The Seller has the right to send information, including advertising messages, to the email and mobile phone of the User / Buyer with his consent.  The User / Buyer has the right to refuse to receive advertising and other information without explaining the reasons for refusal.

 The Seller is not responsible for the information provided by the User / Buyer on the Site in a generally accessible form.
 The Seller is entitled to record telephone conversations with the User / Buyer.  In this case, the Seller undertakes: to prevent attempts of unauthorized access to information obtained during telephone conversations, and / or transfer it to third parties who do not have direct relevance to the execution of Orders.