Children's jewellery


For the youngest customers, the jewelers from "Prytula Jewellery Group" created bright and beautiful decorations, such as gold earrings for girls with enamel and precious stones, gold crosses with enamel for boys and girls, as well as exclusive silver spoons with enamel and numerous inserts of precious stones.
Some tips on how to choose the right jewellery for children.

The children's fashion for jewelry changes not so often as the fashion for jewellery for adults, but in the jewelery of the "Prytula Jewellery Group", has its own taste, its original style.

Bright colors of jewelry enamels and glitter of precious stones, which are used by our masters to create jewellery for children, will create an atmosphere of fairy tales and will be an incredible gift for your child. This gift will make a little princess or prince feel like a special and beloved child.
In addition to design, we also take care of safety and comfort of wearing jewellery, so children's earrings and crosses are made of gold of the highest quality, which is hypoallergenic metal, it does not cause allergies in children.

Loving parents usually buy gold chains with crosses and gold chains with small, but necessarily real, diamonds even for the youngest children.
You should not buy costume jewellery (bijouterie) for children, since it is not known from what metal and in what conditions this jewellery was made. Once again I want to note that besides beauty, jewelry for children should be safe and made of high-quality metal that will not cause allergy in your child. Besides, we should not forget that children's jewellery needs care and attention. Gold earrings for girls, crosses for boys and girls should be regularly washed in warm water and constantly monitored to ensure that they are clean. If the jewelry was damaged by the child during the game or somehow, the masters of "Prytula Jewellery Group" will take it for restoration and give your child's gold earrings the same look and shine so that they will gladden your children for a long time and will inherit their children.