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A gold cross is not just elegant jewellery but also a symbol of belonging to the Christian Church. At all times, it is considered a very valuable gift, and it can be presented to an adult and a child. Basically, the pectoral cross was not flaunted and worn next to the skin. However, this does not mean that the cross must be made of usual metal or wood. The cross symbolizes the treasure of faith, the most important and precious thing in everyone's life. Therefore, the cross should be made of precious and expensive metal.

Prytula Jewellery Group represents only the best jewellery. All our products are handmade, so they are original and unique.

Man’s gold cross

Men are a strong half of humanity, and from ancient times they defend and protect their families. Being the ruling party, they are supposed to get the highest honor and nobility. According to their size men are several times superior to women, so they should have proper jewellery.

As you know, gold is a noble metal, which symbolizes strength and superiority. Therefore, man’s gold cross is the best gift for your beloved man or dear dad.

Man’s pectoral gold crosses, presented in our catalogs are the creation of the best jewelers and experts in their field. Each product has its own story and its secret.

Prytula Jewellery Group offers man’s gold cross, instructed with precious stones and decorated with wonderful ornaments. This product will surprise any man and will emphasize its individuality.

When choosing a gold cross as a gift for a man, pay attention his preferences, what form of jewellery he likes, and precious stones which suit him. You need to be serious in this process because this is not just usual jewellery but a symbol of belonging to the Christian Church.

Woman’s gold cross

Women are delicate and fragile creatures, they like to be valued, respected, and provided with signs of attention. Gold cross with diamonds, presented to the girl as a gift, is the best proof of devotion and love.

Prytula Jewellery Group presents elegant jewellery, created especially for the lovely ladies. They are designed by experts and made by hand by the best-skilled craftsmen.

Woman’s gold cross should be chosen, taking into consideration some nuances. First, the cross will never be taken off, and in summer women wear revealing clothes. So choose elegant jewellery. Secondly, take into account special tastes of the person, whom you are going to present this gift. After all, girls are unpredictable, and it is not so easy to please them.

One may buy a gold cross with enamel both for women and for men. Enamel perfectly matches emeralds and diamonds, and you may purchase these products from our company - Prytula Jewellery Group.